Sunday, August 17, 2014


Goodreads: Book reviews, recommendations, and discussion
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Several years ago, my niece, Elaine, recommended I sign up on GoodReads.  GoodReads is a site where you can create an account for free, record books you want to read and have read.  After reading a book, you can rate the book and provide commentary on the book.  You can also hook-up with "friends" (so far I only have two) and be able to see what they are reading.  This feature is cool, but I don't find it useful to me as I don't care for the types of books my two friends typically read.

DIY - A Homemade Gift from the Heart

My parents passed away in 2007 and we finally sold their house in 2010 (I believe).  As a nice remembrance (many years later, I know), I made this picture for each of my sisters.  What it is is pictures taken within the house we grew up in that have a letter design and I spelled out the word HOME.

The Garage

So Lee and I tackled the garage yesterday--or should I say Lee tackled the garage; I was more or less a cheerleader as he did so.  The majority of the stuff we had to go through pertained to chores I don't normally do around the house; only a small majority of things needed my review.

Sunday, August 10, 2014

Books Read

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So interesting this week.  I had a book to read, The Museum of Extraordinary Things, which I read.  Overall the book was rated a 3 by me--it was interesting in the beginning and the end, but was boring in the middle.  It took place in the late 1800s/early 1900s in Manhattan.  The next book I read, Mrs. Poe, ended up taking place the same time frame.  And both books made reference to the Astor House, Barnum's fire and the authors of the time.  It was really weird to read one book talking about the one characters point of view during the fire, then read a next book talking about the same fire and another characters point of view.  How often does that happen in life?  Weird.  I'm still amazed by it.

Nothing Goes as Planned

I feel much, much frustration as it feels like nothing goes as planned.  We have a process in which three people are trained on, one of them being me.  The one person took a vacation day and the other person was to man the function.  I was focused on getting my work done.  I had to dropped everything and manage the function because the person that was managing it had to leave for personal reasons.  To make matters worse, I'm scheduled to man it today and tomorrow. And while I was manning it today, I had to jump off for database updates.  I was literally ticked off at work - nothing was getting done.  Ticked isn't the word - outright angry.

Monday, August 4, 2014

Extended Family Time

This Sunday, Taylor and I were blessed to go to a cousin's baby shower.  I thoroughly enjoyed myself, although I was exhausted after the day.  The shower was held at the Lakeview Restaurant, with a beautiful view of the lake.  

The trip started off with picking up my niece; Taylor and I love to spend time with her--and we practically spent the entire day was nice.  I love talking with her and she gives Taylor her honest, good advice.

Sunday, August 3, 2014

Getting it Done - Week Eight

Hockey season has officially begun; this will be my last Getting it Done post.  I did not accomplish as much as I wanted to around the house.  It's disappointing.  Without reflecting as to why, I believe its because of all of the demands of life--important demands--and the amount of time a full-time working mom has to accomplish those demands.  I can't help feel it would be much simpler if I didn't have to work.

Although much did not get done, I can say I am proud of our deck, love the steps to the basement, and my front living room is so much more presentable.  So I can't complain; I do have results.  But one would think in 8 weeks, so much more would have gotten done.