Sunday, July 27, 2014

Giving Advice - Friend Wanting Opinion on a Family

Awhile ago, a friend called me to ask my opinion of a particular family.  Her daughter is dating a member of the family and she wanted to know a little bit more--questioning if she should let her daughter date the guy.

Wanta talk about being in between a rock and a hard place...  I know this person trusts me and values my opinion, but I don't want to talk negatively about the family and I don't want to lead my friend into a bad situation.  So what to do...

Getting it Done - Week Seven

I'm getting nervous.  Next weekend is a brief reminder that hockey is coming up and we are not done with our projects.  Once hockey is full blown, nothing will get done.  Lee had to have a pep talk with me.  We did accomplish a lot; all that is left are the pictures and touch-up on the steps.  In between that, we also got other things accomplished--such as replace our broken lamp post outside.  So we re-grouped and wrote out what we'd like to accomplish before hockey season.  Our list is reasonable; I just hope we make it.

Saturday, July 26, 2014

Getting it Done - Week Six

The deck is finished!  The final touches--cutting and placing the trim around the sliding glass doors is done and painting the feet of the deck furniture!!!  The deck is done!  I wanted to get more accomplished this week, but the kids had an active week with their friends.  And that is okay; they have been helpful and patient while we have been Getting it Done.  

We are so close to getting our focus' done then starting on the basement; I truly hope this week we can finish our projects off.

Sunday, July 13, 2014

Mastermind Meeting

Our MasterMind group rocks.  Plain and simple, it rocks.  By definition, I'm not sure we are a 100% MasterMind group; we are a group of women that get together each month to review the goals that we set out to accomplish.  Its a support group that holds us accountable and we gain from each others experience.  We have met every month, with the exception of June (I was in Canada for hockey; others were booked the following weeks) and we all have had accomplishments.

Getting it Done - Week Five

Didn't have overtime this week--yay!  However, 3 on 3 hockey took up our time.  We had several games.  Although it was great seeing everyone, not much got done during the week.  Our focus remains with the steps and deck; the deck got our one day open attention.  In all these blogs, I forgot to mention one of my pride and joys--my basil plant.  Around 5 weeks ago, I picked up this basil plant at K Mart.  She was such a cute little thing that has really taken off.  At the bottom of this blog, I have a recipe for margarita pizza which basil sets the meal off.

Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Disposing of our Latex Paint

Last week, in Getting it Done, I mentioned Lee and I went through all the paint cans in our house.  It was a lot.  I have tell you, it feels feels so great to be rid of those cans.

We literally pulled each and every can of paint in the house--a total of 27 cans in all.  

Sunday, July 6, 2014

Getting it Done - Week Four

Happy Birthday America!  Each 4th of July, when the fireworks go off, I am full of pride and gratitude.  I am most ever thankful for my freedom and all the men and woman who fight every day for it.  Thank you from the bottom of my heart.  And this year, since I've been keeping abreast of national news, I'm more thankful than ever and pray for those who do not have the freedom as I do.  So sad.

I'm also very proud of my township.  Although I may complain (like my recyclables were not picked up this week), they do a great job at many things.  Their 4th of July celebration every year is fantastic.