Sunday, July 13, 2014

Mastermind Meeting

Our MasterMind group rocks.  Plain and simple, it rocks.  By definition, I'm not sure we are a 100% MasterMind group; we are a group of women that get together each month to review the goals that we set out to accomplish.  Its a support group that holds us accountable and we gain from each others experience.  We have met every month, with the exception of June (I was in Canada for hockey; others were booked the following weeks) and we all have had accomplishments.

Getting it Done - Week Five

Didn't have overtime this week--yay!  However, 3 on 3 hockey took up our time.  We had several games.  Although it was great seeing everyone, not much got done during the week.  Our focus remains with the steps and deck; the deck got our one day open attention.  In all these blogs, I forgot to mention one of my pride and joys--my basil plant.  Around 5 weeks ago, I picked up this basil plant at K Mart.  She was such a cute little thing that has really taken off.  At the bottom of this blog, I have a recipe for margarita pizza which basil sets the meal off.

Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Disposing of our Latex Paint

Last week, in Getting it Done, I mentioned Lee and I went through all the paint cans in our house.  It was a lot.  I have tell you, it feels feels so great to be rid of those cans.

We literally pulled each and every can of paint in the house--a total of 27 cans in all.  

Sunday, July 6, 2014

Getting it Done - Week Four

Happy Birthday America!  Each 4th of July, when the fireworks go off, I am full of pride and gratitude.  I am most ever thankful for my freedom and all the men and woman who fight every day for it.  Thank you from the bottom of my heart.  And this year, since I've been keeping abreast of national news, I'm more thankful than ever and pray for those who do not have the freedom as I do.  So sad.

I'm also very proud of my township.  Although I may complain (like my recyclables were not picked up this week), they do a great job at many things.  Their 4th of July celebration every year is fantastic.

Sunday, June 29, 2014

Taking it One Step at a Time

My posts have been what I've been doing throughout the weeks in getting things done.  It focuses on all aspects so I can reflect all parts of the progress.  This post talks about something I've learned...taking things one step at a time.

There is so much we want to get done, and to do it right, I recommend tackling whatever it is before moving on.  Granted, there are things that one needs to just forget an move on, but to get things really accomplished, take it one step at a time.

Within the weeks, we started by painting and clearing out the formal living room.  We did not move on to the basement steps until the living room was done.  The living room is an accomplishment and looks very presentable to visitors.  Now we did postpone additional purchases because of money, but for the most part, living within our means, we now have a living room that we are not embarrassed about.

Now when we took on the steps, we did take on the deck, because we had Drew who needed something to do (tee hee) and it fit with the steps in that we had multiple trips to Home Depot.  

What we really want to focus on, the basement, we have held off.  We focused on what visitors will see and fixed that up first.  We did not let our need for the basement to distract us; it's actually been a motivator as we work these other projects.

So my lesson learned here is to look at things logically and prioritize.  Focus on the things you determined needed to be fixed/worked on and hold true to those projects before moving on within your means (I mean either the money is there or it isn't; out of your control).  Else, you will have a lot of unfinished projects with little satisfaction of accomplishment.

Getting it Done - Week Three

We finished the steps to the basement!  I don't think my picture does it justice; it looks better in person.  I really thought the Steeler Gold would look stupid, but it actually gives a happy look and offset with the white and black, it looks fantastic.  Love the white board and magnetic paint too!

This week has been a roller coaster ride of emotions.  Wondering if it isn't because of the humidity and rain, along with me being sensitive.  Work has been the culprit. 

Sunday, June 22, 2014

Getting it Done - Week Two

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First and most importantly, Happy Father's Day to all dad's out there...especially my husband!  I personally had a great Father's Day.  Lee had to work in the morning, Drew went boating with his friends and Taylor and I drifted around and ended up at the library--her working on her AP work, me catching up on the news.